Design Patent

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Design Patent Services in Hyderabad, India

Design patent is a form of legal protection granted to the ornamental design of a functional item. Design patents are a type of industrial design right. Which protects the complete design and shape of the object in the way of black and white line drawings which suites for the USPTO standards. A design patent protects the unique, non-functional appearance of a manufactured item and grants you the right to prevent others from manufacturing, using, selling or importing items with your design.

Patent Screenshots

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Patent Screenshot Services

Some companies believe the use of screenshots is an infringement of copyright on their program, as it is a derivative work of the widgets and other art created for the software. Regardless of copyright, screenshots may still be legally used under the principle of fair. Inventor may protect not in Utility drawings or design drawings by converting digitals image to line drawings which may supports for USPTO without any office actions in the way of screenshots.